Monday, August 17, 2009

Post Day One

I made it through my entire first day. All of my professors seem nice, and I am not in the least bored. I'm really NOT the only one who doesn't know what's going on, although I think there are a couple people who clearly have a better idea than me. I can't imagine how crazy I'd be if I'd started sacrificing sleep already, so I'm glad I haven't. After day one of law school, my biggest concerns are the following.

1. How will I get through everything?
2. When will I understand my assignments and what I'm supposed to be getting out of them?

For the time being my answer to question one is, I'll try my best and just see how things work out. My answer to question two is, a. I have no idea and b. I'll just go talk to my professors. They all seem like relatively friendly people, so I feel like this shouldn't be too hard.

Things got much better after having lunch and a couple of advil for my headache. Torts and Civil Procedure weren't nearly as intimidating. My homework for today is covered for most of this first week in most of my classes, making life a little easier as well. Tonight I only have to worry about homework for Criminal Law and Legal Research. Right now that sounds like a relief, however I haven't yet looked at the homework, so I may find myself disappointed.

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