Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maybe You Just Have to Be There

Last night I went to bed wondering why I gave up my life to study, study, and then spend my remaining time worrying that I'm not studying enough. As it turns out, I'm relatively certain that I sleep more than my classmates (about eight hours a night) and spend more time relaxing (I do something unrelated to school every night). I'm not going to destroy my happiness and sanity. I'd rather be a happy low wage, hourly worker than an unhappy lawyer (or law student).

I woke up today, put in a little pre-class study time, and went on to enjoy nearly everything we talked about in class for the entire day.

On Monday we're going to talk a little about divorce jurisdiction in Civil Procedure. I can't tell you exactly why, but this, for some reason made me feel like someonehad just told me that there would be warm cookies with milk to look forward to at the end of the day on Monday. Maybe I like divorce. Maybe I like Civil Procedure. I'm not exactly sure why it made me so happy, but I can't wait to do my reading for class.

Even more happy than the milk and cookies news from Civil Procedure was that something that I might have said was generally a boring topic even two weeks ago, really excites me. I may not have always understood what was going on in class, but when professors put up sections of our reading, I've had the same passages highlighted. I even volunteered once today (and I was right!) I take all of this as a good sign that I can be very happy in law school and possibly, in time, understand what's going on.

If you're reading this thinking, "Wow, you're odd," first, I'd like to say thank you (not for thinking I'm odd, but for reading my blog). The second thing I'd like to tell you is a story from my day today. On the way to Contracts this morning I walked by a group of five med students headed into a restaurant for lunch. The only thing I caught of their conversation was,

Student A: "......white blood cells."
Students B-E: *burst into laughter*

And you thought my interests were weird.

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