Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brain Fried

I have been reading the entire day. I left my apartment once to find my storage unit (which I didn't manage to locate). I have not been out of the building. I have reading left for two more classes, and am going to have to get on that whole case briefing business... or at least answering the questions at the end of the chapters. I am not stressed, because I figure that it's unlikely I'll be crucified on the first day of class, but I am exhausted and a little frustrated. I do not feel yoga strong. I feel like I've been on a plane across the Atlantic Ocean and am fighting through the international line at customs.

The bright side is that although I've been told on multiple occasions that I won't want to read for fun at this point that's the opposite of the truth. Right this second I'm dying to read any fiction I can get my hands on, but preferably the most frivolous, simple fiction I can find. My brain is checking out for the night. Studying all day is tedious!

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