Friday, August 28, 2009

Playing the 24 Game After Week 2 of Law School

I laughed so hard I cried in Criminal Law today. When I come back to my apartment after a full day, even if had three other classes after, Criminal Law is the class that has me thinking at night.

In two weeks of law school I've learned interesting things. I now understand why the HR lawyer at work wanted us to send in written documentation to her for so much more than ever seemed worth the effort. I understand this because I'm beginning to have a rough idea over what a legitimate lawsuit can be brought over. I play a little game with myself when I watch 24 now called, "How many torts did Jack Bauer commit?" For everyone that thought law school sounded boring, this game is actually fun.

The Scary Things About Law School
1. You actually have to do your homework.
2. If you don't do your homework you will get the look of shame. The look of shame may not sound bad, but it is.
3. You have to learn something new every day. I'm not saying you DO learn something every day, I'm saying that if you check out for a day tomorrow will be twice as hard.
4. You are surrounded by really smart people.
5. Looming in the distance is one, maybe two exams which will make up your entire grade. No amount of sucking up will help you; they grade the papers without names.
6. There's a ridiculous amount of debt you're accumulating, and one day you'll have to pay the piper.

The Fun/Exciting Things About Law School
1. You learn something new every day.
2. You work hard at something and see a little bit of pay off every day.
3. You can play "How many torts did Jack Bauer commit this episode" while watching 24.
4. Everyone assumes that you're smart.
5. You're surrounded by smart people.
6. You do more than you thought you could do.
7. There's always a good lawyer around if you need to ask one a question.

There are other great things too, and other bad things. I just thought i'd let everyone know that it's week two and I'm still alive (and happy!)

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