Monday, September 28, 2009

Life in Autumn Abstract

Do you ever stop to just sense everything around you? We take in so much by sight and ignore things that make life truly beautiful. Do you ever just breathe in the smells, close your eyes and hear the surroundings? I think that the sensory bits of life contribute to the highly underrated beauty of what it means to be alive. We get so caught up in where we're going or what we have to do, that sometimes we forget to just stop and exist.

Exams, classes, homework, relationships - they're all human constructs that propel us from one moment to the next. We call these things our lives, and yet, just living is so much more simple, so much more powerful, so much less complicated.

Today I take time to stop, breathe the smell of the fresh fall air in so deeply I can taste the leaves turning, feel the first day of Autumn on my face, hear the traffic hum by me, and let gratitude for my life, in whatever form it may take, overtake the wall of preoccupations I envelope myself in. Life is sunshine, life is rain, life is one foot in front of the other, breeze on my face, air in my lungs, ground beneath my feet, gratitude and joy for family, friends, and this moment, my moment, my life.

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