Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 1 - Week Four

Apparently law school at OSU is about as low key as law school comes. Tomorrow I have a quiz in Torts over intentional torts and defenses to intentional torts. Although it's a pain to have to do the extra studying, overall I'm grateful. Law school grades are heavily based off final exam scores. A few quizzes here and there let you know how you're doing mid-semester and take just a little bit of the pressure off final exams.

I've decided that perhaps I need to just schedule my studying in order to keep my study habits in check. I've discovered that not putting a cap on my study time causes my mind to wander and makes it more difficult to keep going. The new plan is to map my study plans out for the week to give me a clear idea of what times are free time and what times are not. In theory this should prevent me from sitting down to my computer to do my legal research assignment for the week and ending up playing five consecutive games of mahjong.

Week four has started off well. I'm beginning to feel like I have a grasp on what habits I need to adjust. I have certain subjects I'm feeling relatively confident in, and others I should probably spend some extra time looking over (would anyone like to explain contracts to me? I'm starting to think an agreement might be legally binding if two parties "spit on it". Seriously, it makes my head spin.) Some days I ask myself, "why am I doing this again?", but then I remember that I actually enjoy going to class and like the idea of mincing words for a living. Out of all of the things that have come as a surprise in the first month of law school, the biggest has been just how interesting the law actually is.

Back to intentional torts! Wish me luck tomorrow.

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